Every year, smokers attempt to quit during Stoptober. We were tasked with inspiring as many smokers as possible to make a quit attempt from 1st October and support them in staying smoke-free for 28 days.

We realised we needed to reach our audience in the channels they are using now. Professor Robert West developed a strategy for successful quit attempts which involves being there for quitters when they need support most. So we created a chatbot that would help users in their moment of need: They could send an ‘SOS’ whenever they had a craving and the bot responded with relevant support. Daily support messages also helped to keep participants motivated and smoke-free.


The bot helped nearly 3,000 people stay quit for the 28 days of Stoptober (with no media spend). The average engagement rate with the bot was 67% and interaction rate was 47%. On top of this, 92% of survey respondents found the tool helpful and 75% claimed they were now smokefree.

88% also said they would recommend the service to a friend to help them quit.