Vodafone is committed to keeping its customers connected wherever they are in the world. To help do this, the brand recently abolished roaming charges in 50 destinations. To highlight Vodafone’s willingness to remove the long standing issues that get in the way of customers connecting, we placed connectivity at the centre of the brand story to make Vodafone matter.

Fronted by much-loved British actor, Martin Freeman, the TV spot is a lighthearted take on one man’s bid to unsuccessfully help out a friend. We follow Freeman’s character ‘Mr Interruption’ as he attends a wedding on the island’s resort – what unravels from here is a comical run of events which land Freeman in an awkward situation, having interrupted the couple’s first dance with a humorous outcome. 


The TV spot was shot by one of advertising’s most renowned Directors, and the James Bond titles designer, Daniel Kleinman. Filmed on location in Pollensa Majorca, the private island of La Fortaleza stretches across 25,000 square feet of manicured gardens and was recently used to film the BBC’s ‘Night Manager’ series.

A follow up film called ‘The Excuse’ aired on Vodafone UK’s social channels on Friday 26th May, and gives viewers a more in-depth look at Freeman’s comical take on the event that took place at the wedding in the original TV spot.