Since 2014, Vodafone has invested more than £2 billion into the network and services and is now able to say it provides outstanding indoor coverage and even better outdoor service on its most reliable network ever.  As Vodafone continues to make improvements to its coverage, connecting customers in even the most unassuming locations, it needed an ad campaign to match and make the brand matter.

Following on from the playful wedding spot 'Mr Interruption' released earlier this year, which highlighted how Vodafone was the first to abolish European roaming charges, Martin Freeman returns in Vodafone's latest campaign.

A far cry from a wedding in sunny Spain, this time Freeman finds himself underground in an East London carpark, where Vodafone’s most reliable network ever is called upon to save the day.


The TV spot – named ‘The Chase’, highlights Vodafone’s continued pledge to connect customers throughout the world, brought to life through a comical take on Freeman’s unfortunate encounter with a small-time gangster set-up.

Returning from his weekly grocery shop, Freeman wanders into the carpark to discover he is at the center of a hold-up alongside two suspect looking men. No stranger to throwing humour at a situation, Freeman playfully attempts to interact with the duo, but to no avail. Having watched the situation unfold, a woman nearby loading her car with groceries dials 999. Thanks to Vodafone’s superior indoor coverage, the small-time culprits’ heist is short-lived.